Wow, the amount of constructive cristism and support about my little essay was quiet impressive from a guy like me. I didn't really expect people to actually comment and give feedback on it. Here is my updated version since a lot has changed since.

Hole-ly-sh**, I didn't expect Muijf or whoever is designing the website actually took my advice and told themselves, "damb, this guy spittin' mad f a c t s." Which I enjoy, a lot from my list is now fixed when it comes to the website. Support tab is completely renewed, THANK YOU MEWYIFF I WHUV U. The rules tab was removed, but hey, who needs rules if they're located in game and in the discord right? Also another piece of information about the rules tab is that the weird/odd text is actually Latin for a placeholder text, **Thanks Calvijn for the information!** The links on the top right removed some but atleast all of them are fixed, fixed as in being either removed or redirect links are fixed. On the bright side, look! We have a youtube link now! YAY! The spelling errors with "we" is fixed and so is the bug on trackpad when you slide to the right and the background is all funky. *puts hands together* good job Muijf. The forums page, finallyyy, is fixed, theres no longer one category, thank you Muijf, I fuhhhh I mean I hecking love you <3. Every single problem I had with the site is fixed! YAY! HOWEVER! There is another one now, on the front page, theres I think more latin words, Muijf pls fix.

As for gameplay, I wont be-able to test that anymore, as because I'm officially leaving Minecraft once again for the third time because I lost interest in it. Maybe PurplePickle will tell you or someone else... But I'm sure the gameplay scene would need a lot more time than just less than a week.

Very pleased so far, and I hope the community will be pleased too. I feel like the more fixes and changes we make the better we can connect together as a society, you know, like a normal community. Thats the real reason I actually played Minecraft, to talk to a good community and communicate so well with them. Therefore, I will leave it as that.

**Contributes to this project**
Calvijn - he helped me with the rules and told me that the words were in Latin and it was a placeholder in Latin, thanks Calvijn *smoochies*
FatPurplePickle - Gave me some errors of the server *huggies*
Muijf - uhhh he fixed most of the problems duhh
Luskey - hi
Ren - he is funny and hes been giving me advice for the essay and stuffs, thanks Wenpie
ED_JAMES - Gave me some pretty constructive criticism thanks ED!
SL1mey - gave me criticism too thanks sticky piston.