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Links to show what you do:

What is your in-game name, and Discord username? Minecraft: NnomNomm_ Discord: Oscar Watson#0041

What is your time zone?
AEDT Australia Eastern Daylight Timezone.

When are you available?
Whenever I am needed I am happy to be there and here but I am on most of the time tbh.

What is your In-Game Rank?
Player / Flare.
When did you first start playing Minecraft?
What experiences do you have with Streaming/Making content?
I am pretty good with streams with videos editing is sort of a weakness takes me a couple days but I eventually get it out and its normally mint quality and entertaining.. At least from what I have been told originally recording / streaming Pixelmon and it sounds dumb and all but there is a lot of potential in Pixelmon streaming as not many people do it..

How often do you stream/make content?
Streaming normally twice a week.

Why do you want to become a content creator/streamer on the server?
Because this server has a good small community that could really do with some hardcore Pixelmon fans. And I would love to plan out tournaments and other fun activity's.

Who are you? (Just a brief introduction!)
So I am pretty average teen ager I am 15 male and I would love to bring fun
What is your Age?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I am decent with streaming youtube I don't really enjoy but I think investing your time in streamers is defiantly a good way of building a active friendly community!
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