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Staff Application: N1EZ

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What is your in-game name, and Discord username?
IGN: N1EZ Discord: botticarry#1323

What is your time zone?
GMT +2

When are you available?

Well I am not a robot but I found 2 to 6 o'clock on a weekday I can server time to spend this, of course, depends on whether there is something important for the day known
but I always try to report such as if there is a foreign trip or else just go far from home town!
at the end of the week and during holidays I can, of course, spend time on the server before I throw my estimates at 3-8 o'clock;
as I am supervising the sort. Of course, there is a time when I can't be on a 30min-2h server because summer jobs are a must!
I'm not currently running on other servers at all because I usually only commit to one server at a time! and black could get that image above that
I don't stay long with the same server but don't worry! I usually stay in maintenance for as long as the other maintenance is appropriate.

What is your In-Game Rank?

When did you first start playing Minecraft?

What experiences do you have moderating a community or game?

They are finnish servers.
Server History: Well I'll start by telling you about the first good server where I was running
GoldenCraft I was on the server Moderator in the role of the server was cracked versions functional. but unfortunately, I found no legal proof that I was on the server for maintenance than just about anything
Presentation of videos where my head was flashed on the board. and I'm not aware of where to get the owner anymore.
Kreonetwork was an admin on the server until I decided to separate myself from maintenance 

Why do you want to become a member of the staff team?

I miss being staff on minecraft servers so i decided to find some servers that i will try to get staff on. I would like to help people and give them advice if they need.
I would not leave any personnel alone and teach them what they need to know if they ask something.
I am polite. I have the trust from most of the members. I can give orders, and I can also take them. If it is needed.
I can be strict, also at other times, I can be kind. I am willing to put down the hours I need to do to get the and do the Staff rank with style.
I can do and will do the job in a good way for the server.

Who are you? (Just a brief introduction!)

About myself

My age? I am a 15-year-old was born in 2005, and to accomplish 15 years 30/01/2019
My nature? caring, responsible, kind, easy going, realistic,
and i usually try to solve a problem rather than a problem if not now in a bit more original way then

What is your Age?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My disadvantages: the spelling mistakes from me comes from time to time because I have a family of defective dyslexia and if the server is aware of math
I wouldn't count on the tasks he had since the third grade eased mathematics.
my good side: I always try my best and I'm not a very donor person, part of the punishment in the right way against the real crime.
Additional Information (optional)
Nope. Told them in Strengths and weaknesses and Who are you.
Posted Mar 8, 19 · OP
Hey N1EZ,

Thank you for submitting, my aplogies for the delay. Your application is great. Well written and enough information. Are you still interested? You've only been playing for like 5 minutes on this server, that's why.

~ Muijf
Posted Fri at 08:15 pm
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